Florida Entrepreneurs
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Mark + Paul Chung 2015 Winners
Skip Lange
Managing Director of Florida Accelerator, works with companies on management systems and business models.    Skip can be reached at 772.600.5269772.600.5269.
Arthur Esch
Managing Director of Florida Accelerator, works with companies on technology, intellectual property, and finance.  Arthur can be reached at +1.772.538.5400+1.772.538.5400 or via eMail:  Click Here.
Yung Wong -- 2015 VC Judge
Scholarship Winners and Maggie Choppa, Advisor
Alexandria Carrigan, Sloan Ranger

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Scholarship Winners, the Mayor Oravec, and School Head Wild
2015 Judges: BofA, Venture Veteran, Ford, Angel Investing
Conerstone Mentors and Contestant From First Business Forum
School Head Wild, Mayor, Skip Lange Awarding Scholarships to Sophia Ianotti and Rene Mirucki
Mark and Paul Chung from Hot Pies Win Entrepreneurs 2015 from the Mayor
The Small Business Market
1. There are 28,000,000 small businesses in the U.S.
2. 50% of the population works in a small business.
3. Florida has 2,200,000 small businesses.
4. 85% of Florida businesses are growing this year.
5. Florida is the third most populace state and growing.
6. The majority of all job growth comes from small and medium sized businesses.
Michael Corbit and Mayor Oravec in a town hall discussion on small business in Port St. Lucie.
ITS Fiber, a Florida Accelerator Member Company, wins Business Plan Competition of the Research Coast -- Jeff Leslie, Don Pittman, and Denise Leshner led the ITS Team effort.
Jon Sadowski and Jeff Leslie -- both winners mentored by Florida Accelerator