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Growing Your Company?  Start Here!

What is the purpose of your company, i.e., why does it exist?


What is your Growth Strategy, offering new products or entering into different market segments?


What are the primary market segments you intend to serve?


What are the additional problems you intend to solve with your Growth Strategy?


How successful have you been in solving your existing customers’ problems?


In order to solve these problem(s), what are the new products you will offer?


What are the primary benefits to the user from your new products?


Who have you targeted as your primary customers?


What are their primary needs that you will address?


What will the benefits to them for buying your new products?


What will be the Customer Value Proposition(s) for your targeted customers?


What will the sale of your new product(s) produce in terms of revenues and profits for your company?


How do your new products affect your scalability?


What is your new intellectual property and how do you have control over it?


What is your strategy and plan for developing and selling new business?


How will you operationally support the delivery of your new products?


Describe the capabilities of your management team and how they will manage the incremental growth and success of your company?


How much are you seeking in terms of an investment and what will you offer to secure this investment?


What will be the benefits and rewards for an investor in your company?


What other assistance and support, besides a cash investment, will be of benefit to you and your company from an investor?


What will be the primary use and impact of investment capital on your company?


Why is it important for you to get investment capital at this time?


How will you proceed if you don’t secure an investment?


Who owns the other equity in your company?


What additional investment capital needs do you foresee in the future?


How do you intend to pay back your investors?


What is your exit strategy?


What are the key elements that you need to focus on to most effectively convey your story to potential investors?


How will you summarize this new information into your 60 second Elevator Speech?

New Funding Scorecard:
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