Inside Investing 2015
Skip Lange
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Budgeting 2015
September 17, 2014
5 PM -- Board Room

584 NW University Blvd Suite #300,

Port St Lucie, FL 34986

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Inside Investing: 2015

The CEO Forums provide entrepreneurs with education, mentoring, and peer-to-peer interactive sessions addressing the compelling issues of the day.  The Inside Investing 2015 Forum addresses raising capital for small companies in the year 2015.  The panelists represented the Angel, VC, and Entrepreneur communities.
Florida Venture Funds Are Available
Dale Gregory, Cherrystone Management, is a former Telco executive turned Entrepreneur.  Dale is a leader in documenting Florida venture and angel investments and focusing Entrepreneurs on financing opportunities.  Dale has dual degrees from Cleveland State -- BS and MBA in Finance.  Dale is also the Managing Director of Internet Coast. Click Here for Dale's Presentation
AZZLY Is Raising Money and Growing
Entrepreneur Coletta Dorado, CEO of AZZLY, and a well-known Florida entrepreneur tells the CEO Forum that her company is doing a Series A round for just under $2 Million -- and being successful.  Coletta points to an interest in venture investing from family companies as an important Florida source.  She also focused on the entrepreneur's need to take advantage of speaking opportunities and 'pressing the flesh'.  Click Here for Coletta
Entrepreneur Wally Lowe Talks About 'Focus On Success'
Wally Lowe's company, Cross-Core Technologies, owns a very unique space -- turnkey systems for creating gift cards.  Wally spends a lot of his life explaining the industry to people, so he can fit Cross-Core into the conversation.  Wally told the CEO Forum that his key to success was focusing on the money raising.  When he found the right investor, they isolated themselves for two solid weeks to through all of the issues.  Click here for Wally Lowe
Rhys Williams Fascinates Entrepreneurs With Inside Stories
New World Angel's CEO, Rhys Williams, captivated a room full of entrepreneurs with an inside look at venture investing.  Rhys explained that the overall strategy was finding that one in ten homerun.  He walked the audience through the internal rules at New World, explaining that his first round investments are now in the $550,000 range with money set aside for future rounds.  Click Here for Rhys's comments
Alternative Financing
Ademil Castrillo_Wells Fargo Small Business Pioneer
ITS Fiber's Well-Known CEO, Jeff Leslie