Lisa specializes in shipping and ordering:
Glenda is responsible for accounting and customer issues:
Roofing materials sourced and delivered worldwide.
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Caribbean Builder and Supplier

Vernon Hassell is a twenty-five year veteran of Caribbean Construction.  Vernon founded Hassell Free Exports located in the Sands Industrial Park (with an extensive showroom) in Palm City, Florida.  Vernon specializes in residential, schools, medical, and public projects.  He leads a team that sources island-specific construction materials, optimizes delivery, and manages all logistics. 


Office:             772.219.4521 x309

Cell:                772.708.6489

General Manager and Director of Finance
GM: Tara
When you have a special situation and need to discuss orders, business terms, letters of credit, and financial issues -- contact Tara, who is the General Manager and also the Director of Finance.
Office:          +1.772.219.4521+1.772.219.4521
Custom Orders:
Patrick is a very experienced Caribbean materials supply specialist who spends a lot of time working on custom orders.  He is the 'go-to' person for your special assignment.
Office:       +1.772.219.4521
Lumber and Cabinets
Debbie is a long-time specialists in Caribbean materials sourcing with a specialty in all things wood, from lumber to high-end cabinets.  Debbie has a record of finding the best products, at the best  prices:
Office:           +1.772.219.4521

George is responsible for flooring and managing the Showroom in Palm City's, well-known Sands Commercial Park.  +1.772.219.4521 or

Flooring options include a wide selection of tile, marble, special stone, carpeting, custom orders.  The Showroom features a wide selection or contact George for online samples.

The Showroom also features a selection of cabinets, counter materials, and special accents for kitchens and laboratories.

Finest Wood Cabinets at Discount Prices.
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