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Skip Lange, Managing Director of Florida Accelerator can be reached at 772.600.5269. 
Arthur Esch works on technology at Florida Accelerator and can be reached at 772.538.5400.
Florida Accelerator is a not-for-profit Florida corporation dedicated to helping small businesses around the United States.  The staff of the company are veterans and focused on veteran issues. 772.538.5400.
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Your Team:

AmericaCares.US is a new networked promotion model for America's charities, causes, and not-for-profit organizations.  This unique service delivers your turnkey promotions in the venues of your choice.  Your messaging can change literally on a minute's notice.  You are getting the right message to the right people at the right time.

The AmericaCares.US Networked Promotion Station incorporates your permanent messaging and a networked display showing your message of the moment.  The station also contains hot and cold food and beverage that is healthy, appealing, and unique.

Your organization specifies the consistent messaging you want delivered to an audience and AmericaCares.US recruits the On-Site Representatives, provides education, manages the interaction with audiences, provides quality control management, and delivers a turnkey report of the activities from each venue.

The costs of this unique promotion service is affordable and is guaranteed to deliver a proper ROI to your organization.  AmericaCare.US is committed to your achieving your financial and moral successes.

Empowering America's Entrepreneurs
AmericaCares.US recruits entrepreneurs (American Veterans first) to own and operate each of the site-based promotion businesses.  We recruit, finance, train, support, and cheer lead entrepreneurs.  The license to use AmericaCares.US is designed to encourage free thinking and success.  One unique feature of the license mandates the hiring of America's veterans first. 

AmericaCares.US is a division of Florida Accelerator, the leading business advisory for small businesses.  For more information, or 772.538.5400.