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Vero Beach, Fl.

Rocket Growth
One of the fastest growing industries is the Gift Card business.  Retailers, banks, and brands are selling gift cards in increasing numbers.  The gift card is a unique business, because providers are essentially printing money and putting it on plastic. 

The back rooms where cards are 'printed' and loaded with money are special places that require exacting standards for registration and control.  The leader in creating these systems is an innovation team in Vero Beach, Florida filled with experienced card industry professionals.

Cross-Core Technology sets the standard for extremely high registry in card  printing.  The company operates from a converted garage.  The management team has more than a century of experience in this relatively young industry.  The CEO, Wally Lowe is a business pioneer with an engineer's sense of innovation and experimentation. 

The company has attracted big time investors led by Oscar Tang, a Chinese-born American billionaire.  Yung Wong, an experienced venture investor saw Wally Lowe appearing at a Florida Accelerator Funding Forum and initiated discussions.

The company is growing at a controlled 20% rate for 2015, with views of accelerating growth in the future.  Wally Lowe says "Maintaining our quality control is the first issue of importance.  Then we can address increasing our growth."  For more information, go to www.Cross-Core.us.  

1. Reliability
2. Speed
3. Flexibility

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