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Jamie Chauss and Skip Lange work at the Stuart Design Studio.
The Sloane Ranger in Sloane Square -- London.
Dale Gregory from Internet Coast works with InstituteE on Entrepreneur Education and Financial Services.
Michael Corbit Announces CEO Roundtables:
CareerSource Michael Corbit has reopened the CEO Roundtable to local CEOs.  The first session, Inside Investing, saw twenty plus entrepreneurs working with five investors to document the private investment market for the coming two years.  Rhys Williams of New World Angels told the round-table that his group and other investor groups have money and are actively looking for good investments.  Rhys pointed out that venture investors remain focused on scalable opportunities, where the return can reach 30x.  Dale Gregory, InternetCoast, told entrepreneurs to keep tracking on where their company was in the development process and what exit options were going to be available to the company.
Advisory Services:

Each of our services is customized to address the specific needs of our Member Companies.  Advisers are selected for each company based upon the specific markets served and the subject matters requiring most attention.   Where feasible, the council uses a Team of advisers, offering companies a spectrum of experience and skills.  


Our methodology is to avoid the “quick fix”, rather establishing the foundation for your long term growth and success.  Services and mentoring will help you create a sustainable organization capable of growth, profitability, and the flexibility to take advantage of opportunities.


Growth Assessment

Executive Advisers conduct a comprehensive assessment of your organization for growth.  Market conditions and your current position are evaluated.  The uniqueness of your offering(s) in the market is studied to determine your competitive position.  Your scalability will be stress tested at various growth rates.   

Much of our assessment will entail an evaluation of your organization’s management, key employees, and overall staff based on current market conditions.  In addition, we will evaluate the company’s key systems and processes and how they contribute to or inhibit the work of the business.


Strategic Thinking and Planning

In depth planning is critical for any organization's success.  This planning process is not static, planning must be continuous, and comparing actual results to the plan is a fundamental management requirement.  

Strategic thinking
encompasses looking at where the organization is today, how it got there, where it chooses to go, and, how it will get there.  Our operations planning will prioritize what is most important and enable management at all levels to make the correct decisions about what they and their people should be doing as they will be working within a framework of accountability.  We will enable management to execute and sustain their Strategic Plan while being able to adapt and adjust to changes in their internal and external environments.
InstituteE offers evaluation services at no charge, although Clients and Member Companies are asked to reimburse expenses.  Financial and management services are offered as packaged services.  Scholarships are available.  Member companies are encouraged to provide an equity offering, so InstituteE programs remain self-funded.